Wednesday, December 08, 2004


from Ron's wonderful and beloved son, Jeremy

I greatly appreciate all your comments.

When I feel sad I often find myself reading the comments on this website and sometimes find that doing so cheers me up.

I know my dad had an amazing influence on many
people throughout his life but part of me feels that the person whom
he influenced the most was me. I feel so lost without him here but it
is comforting to know that there are many other people who feel the
same way. One of the hardest parts of going on without him is the
fact that I usually find myself unable to sleep at night (it is
currently 7:00am and I have not fallen asleep since the wee hours of
yesterday morning) but I know and have seen that there is a lot of
support for me and everyone else.

Believe me, if you're having
trouble there are definitely people out there for you to turn to.
However, the support that exists sometimes is not enough. The
feelings of sadness, loss, and regret often overpower the support that
I, and all of us, feel.

It's hard for me to say, but I feel like I
need to take the place of my father by saying that although it hurts
we will work through it together; do not feel afraid to lean on other
for support. I often feel like I should not pass my sorrowful burdens
on others (as some of you may feel), but believe me, the people who
really care about you will be there to help you. I have definitely
found this out and it might be hard for some of you to realize, I know
it was for me, but we all have friends that care more about us getting
through tough times like this than their own problems.

I'm sure I will post again but I felt like I needed to say something. Again,
thank you all. All of your support has been helpful and reading your
comments on this site often make me happy (although sometimes, as I'm
sure is the case with everyone, make me miss him even more). On
behalf of my mom, sister, and the rest of my family, I would like to
thank you all for your wonderful support.

-Jeremy Plesser

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