Sunday, November 28, 2004


A Privacy Writing honor of Ron

As we explore things we can do to honor Ron, why don't we hold a privacy article writing competition in his name?

I am happy to do it under the Wired Safety non-profit program I run for which Ron acted as a member of the advisory board. We can do one for law students, one for college students and one for high school students. We can brand the one for high school students under our Internet Super Heroes brand, using the Marvel comic characters. I am just as happy to work with others hosting it under other non-profit groups if anyone prefers.

Our teenangels (, whom he had trained in privacy matters, suggested this to honor him. They suggested three categories: communications, technology and law. They thought that the communications category could contain media relations, public policy andbest practices. They thought the technology would deal with the code, software and hardware issues. And they hoped the law category would cover international legal issues.

A small honorarium could be offered, and perhaps this could lead to scholarships and programs in his name? Many who have posted in this blog are the leading experts in privacy law and policy in the world. Perhaps you would be willing to help judge this competition?


p.s. to see the Marvel characters we are involving in the Internet privacy education and awareness programs, check out Ron was helping us build out the privacy section, which is not yet launched. :-(

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