Saturday, November 20, 2004


from Vint Cerf...


Ironically, I wish Ron could read your lovely tribute to him and to the dream he did not have the chance to live. I shed a few tears on reading your moving prose and confess that your poignant thoughts reminded me of the fragility and finiteness of life. We owe it to ourselves, if it is humanly possible, to balance our work lives with the rest of our being. Thank you, both for this kind and thoughtful tribute to Ron and also for the implicit reminder to us all to take some time to enjoy the lives we have been given.

I occasionally interacted with Ron in matters associated with the Internet and found him always a thoughtful and constructive contributor to the many debates surrounding this evolving system. His positive presence will be missed by colleagues and his kind and gentle soul not forgotten by his friends and family.

Vint Cerf

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