Tuesday, November 23, 2004


from Tatiana Platt (nee Gau)

Like many of us who have been involved in privacy policy issues, I too was fortunate to have my life touched by Ron Plesser. The last time that I saw him was not at a privacy conference, not at a senate hearing, not at a working group meeting of some sort. Rather, it was on a plane -- the Delta shuttle returning from NYC to DC on the eve of my wedding. I had just had my final fitting of my wedding dress that day and Ron and I spoke about it. I was a nervous, stressed out bride and Ron had nothing but the right advice to give. He said I would take my husband's breath away no matter what. It's now been one month since my wedding and looking back I hope that Ron knows that he had just the right words, he was a brilliant man who was there for many of us. I will long remember Ron.

Tatiana Platt (nee Gau)

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