Sunday, November 28, 2004


from Robert Barnett

I was so very sorry to learn of Ron's passing.

I have worked with Ron on privacy, FTC, and other issues for more years than I care to count. Professionally, we was the best -- smart, hardworking, dedicated, innovative, and a real leader in his field.

But, the things I will remember come from the personal side of Ron Plesser. He was fun, warm, caring, and inquisitive. A meeting, a lunch, or an encounter with Ron on the street was always a delight. His interests ranged far and wide. We often talked politics. He had strong views, but they were always well-informed.

Whenever we would be working on something and I would take what Ron considered a "radical" (or unacceptable) view, Ron would exclaim, "Yikes !!!!" That became our catch-phrase -- and our ritual greeting. When I heard of Ron's passing, my first reaction was "Yikes !!!!"

Many of us have lost a colleague. Many more have lost a dear friend.

I join in sending heartfelt sympathies to Barbara and Ron's family. We shall not see his likes again. Rest in peace, Ron.


Robert B. Barnett
Williams & Connolly LLP

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