Tuesday, November 23, 2004


from Michael Geist

Thanks for doing this Parry. Like everyone who encountered him, I
greatly enjoyed spending time with Ron. He was a great leader in the privacy field and I feel privileged having known him. My first lengthy
conversation with Ron occurred when we shared a train from Schipol
airport to the Hague in advance of an ODR conference. My wife, who is
a family physician, accompanied me on the trip and the three of us
chatted about many things, few related to privacy. For years
afterward, he would always ask how the "doctor" was doing and ask that
I pass along regards. I always appreciated that he remembered the
family connection and took the time to ask how things were going. Ron
was giant in the privacy world but, even more, he was a giant of a man.

He will be greatly missed.

Professor Michael A. Geist
Canada Research Chair in Internet and E-commerce Law University of
Ottawa Law School, Common Law Section

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