Tuesday, November 30, 2004


from Julie Garcia...

had the extremely good fortune to work with Ron Plesser at Piper & Marbury in the mid-1990s. It is hard to know what I can add to the heartfelt and articulate postings here, but like some of the other contributors, I can't stop thinking about Ron and wishing I had kept in closer contact. I echo all of the sentiments about Ron's warmth and openness and humor and intelligence and zest for life.

Among my favorite memories is that of attending meetings at which we were attempting to draft language that would reconcile a number of divergent views. Frequently Ron would open the meetings by offering a solution; others around the table would shoot it down for a number of reasons. Ron would just sit back and let the rest of us battle it out for an hour or two or twenty until we all came around to understanding that the only acceptable compromise was the position he had initially suggested. And he was rarely smug about it ;-)

I have been affected by Ron's death, which of course means that I have been affected by Ron's presence in my life, much more strongly than I would have anticipated. I plan to keep the photo of Ron that Barbara so graciously shared with me after the memorial service in an obvious spot, where I will look at it often and honor Ron's memory by appreciating the incredible blessings of my life. I will strive to follow his example in not only touching the lives of people close to me, but embracing them wholeheartedly and without reservation.

Our lives are better for having known Ron Plesser, as is the world.

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