Tuesday, November 23, 2004


from Emil Hackett

Ron would be pleased to know he pissed me off.

His reputation had preceded him long before I met or worked with him. For a number of years I was very happy to be off his radar screen.

When he started talking to me at receptions, in airports, at conferences, in meetings, it was a professional milestone for me. Wouldn't he get a kick out of my thinking that.

It also scared me. I never ever wanted to cross Ron Plesser deliberatly or by mistake.

I was more than OK with Milo, Stew, and Jim. The man himself put me on my toes and on edge.

The last time I met with Ron was the day before he died. We were meeting to iron out a matter. Here I was pissing him off, my worst nightmare. I think it all worked out. There were no hugs that day due to the cold I now know. He did take my hand in his two, gave a warm squeeze, and a puppy dog look. That look that is a cross between "I didn't mean to do it" and "please forgive me." It startled me.

That he wanted Leonard Cohen's "Bird on the Wire" played at his funeral made pefect sense to me.

Ron was not your average guy. He was not a simple joe. Maybe I wasn't scared or pissed. Maybe I was in awe.

It will just not be as much fun or challenging without him.

Emily Hackett

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