Tuesday, November 23, 2004


from Cynthia Braddon

Parry -

I just learned of the blog you set up for Ron. This is a wonderful thing you have done. You have given so many of us an opportunity to reflect on how much we valued Ron as a professional colleague and a friend. Ron was one of the first individuals I met early in my career who took an interest in helping me learn my way through the information industry lobbying world. I studied Ron and tried to emulate his ability to thoroughly understand all sides of an issue and help move people toward a workable solution, with an appropriate amount of compromise or incremental steps along a longer path. He was always willing to sit down and share the history of an issue or a law, or why an organization or an individual had a certain view. We often worked as allies on information industry policy issues and I came to recognize it was always better to have Ron on your side than sitting on the other side of the negotiating table. We used to joke about how we were making the world safe for content and our customers.

Always a gentleman, always smart and thoughtful, Ron did so much to shape the framework for privacy and intellectual property and First Amendment protections in an on-line world. He will be sorely missed and always be remembered as someone who really did make an important and lasting footprint.

From a personal perspective, he was always a friend, always there with a smile and to share about our families. Even when our paths didn't cross for years at a time, we'd see each other and pick right up where we had left off. I will miss him and wish I had taken the opportunity to tell him directly how much he meant to me as a person and a professional who had taught me so much. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends as they mourn their loss and celebrate his life.


Cynthia H. Braddon
Vice President, Government Affairs
The McGraw-Hill Companies

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