Sunday, November 21, 2004


from Brian Tretick....

I met Ron in 98 just after the OPA got up and running. He was an impressive presence, but I didn't understand the context. Fortunately, he grew into not just a colleague but a friend.

I realize that he'll leave a void in our small community. But I think of his family, and pain they must feel. I also know it will be an enormous loss among his team, with Phyliss, Stu, Alisa, Milo, Jim, and the rest. How difficult it will be to continue to move forward. We should remember them as well.

Just Wednesday the 17th, Ron was introduced at a luncheon at which he was speaking. He was described as a grandfather of privacy. He courteously begged that on others. I rather saw him as the Godfather. I hope he is at peace.

Brian Tretick

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