Sunday, November 21, 2004


from Austin Hill.....

I first met Ron 6 years ago on an FTC panel on privacy. It was my first time appearing on an FTC panel, and looking back I now see just how naive I was in my 'technology can fix all' views on privacy. Ron was on a couple panels before me, representing the DMA - and I was eager to 'Debate' his views during our panel.

Being young and eager - I now look back and imagine myself like a hyper puppy snapping at a big friendly dog who could have easily put me in my place with a single bark - but rather, he really enjoyed to 'play'. Our debate was enthusiastic and we added a lot of fun banter to the panel (I seem to remember just the two of us mixing it up). Funny thing was, I thought I might of gotten a rise out of him (In all honesty, I was trying to goad him - the whole 'Stick it to the man' thing) but he approached me after the panel and was the nicest person. He was friendly, funny and we had a good laugh.

Over the last 6 years, I've had the pleasure of seeing Ron probably 3-4 times a year. He always asked about my family that he had met, was always ready to pick up a conversation we didn't quite finish some 3 months before. Once he came to a privacy conference I hosted in Quebec and we sat around a huge log cabin with 100 other privacy folks for 4 days and he entertained us for hours with funny stories 'privacy' war stories. I realized what a polished veteran he really was and began to look upon Ron as a friend & someone I could learn a lot from.

Ron was always friendly, caring and one of the smartest people I met when it came to being able to see, understand and discuss the same issue from every point of view. It was at times frustrating, especially hard to win debates, but always refreshing.

Professionally he always had something worthwhile to say to me. Personally I just enjoyed his humor, wit and views on life.

The privacy community will not be the same without him.

-Austin Hill

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